Loading 20ft container-Fire resistant wood fiber board

The full size of our Fire resistant wood fiber board is 2.44m X 1.22m, if a full length of board is not required, we can cut the board into 2.20m X 1.22m, by this way we can make the best usage of container(the width for the entrance of container is about 2.30meter) and reduce the freight cost.

For a 20ft container, if we cut the board into 2.20m X 1.22m, for 6mm thickness, it can load around 1000pcs, for 9mm, 660pcs, for 12mm, 480pcs.   If we need to load full length 2.44m X1.22m into container, for 6mm, it can load around 540pcs, 9mm is around 400pcs, 12mm is around 280pcs.


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